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letter head jpg                                     

TO:  ABATE of Washington members.  January 26, 2018

FROM: Legislative Affairs Officer - ABATE of Washington




The Council Of Clubs has a hearing coming up on their amendment to the Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Law.  This would put some teeth into the bill.  If you support this effort, please attend the hearing.

The hearing is before the House Judiciary Committee.  It will be held in Hearing Room A of the John L O'Brien Building at the Capitol at 8:00 AM on January 31st.  The COC needs all available to attend and sign in in support of the bill.  If unable to attend, you can write the committee members in support of the bill.   

You can follow the bill, sign up for updates, and comment in support at this link:


 We are supporting their effort, so I want to try to get as many people there as possible.  Even if the hearing is at 8:00 AM.


Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington








letter head jpg                                     

TO:  ABATE of Washington members.  January 14, 2018

FROM: State Coordinator - ABATE of Washington


2nd Amendment Challenges;


Hi Everyone; 


Black Thursday is just a few days away and we need everyone to attend.


Listed below are some bills that are not motorcycle related and are not bills that ABATE, as a whole, is supporting.  But, they are extremely important to your 2nd Amendment rights.


Senate Bill 5444, sponsored by Senator David Frockt (D-46) would impose a registration-licensing system on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and standard-capacity ammunition magazines that bill proponents label as "assault weapons" and "large-capacity magazines" (LCM). 


 Every person who possesses, transports, manufactures, purchases or sells a so-called "assault weapon" or LCM must have an annual state-issued license, with an updated license required every time there is a change in possession of the gun or magazine.  The licensing requirement has a delay period (until 2020) before it applies to persons who currently possess such items, but these persons would be prohibited from selling or transferring any gun or magazine designated by this bill to anyone other than a licensed dealer, a gunsmith, or to law enforcement for permanent relinquishment.  SB 5444 also mandates that relinquished guns and magazines "must be destroyed."


Senate Bill 5463, sponsored by Senator Guy Palumbo (D-1), is vaguely written legislation that would require individuals to lock up firearms or potentially face Class C Felony charges.  This intrusive government legislation invades people's homes and forces them to render their firearms useless in a self-defense situation by locking them up.


Senate Bill 5992, sponsored by Senator Kevin Van De Wege (D-24) mirrors federal legislation proposed by anti-gun California U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).  This bill would make it a crime to knowingly possess a firearm accessory or any other device, part or combination of parts that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm.  The broad and overreaching provisions in SB 5992 could potentially criminalize firearm modifications such as competition triggers, muzzle brakes, and ergonomic changes that are commonly done by law-abiding gun owners to make their firearms more suitable for self-defense, competition, hunting, or even overcoming disability.


Senate Bill 6049, sponsored by Senator Frockt, is yet another bill targeting so-called "Large Capacity Magazines" and would prohibit the possession of ammunition magazines holding ten or more rounds, with limited exceptions.  Those allowed to continue possession of "Large Capacity Magazines" within the limited exceptions would be required to lock up their ammunition magazine or face criminal charges.


Senate Bill 6146, sponsored by Senator Rebecca Saldaña (D-37), would abolish Washington's decades old state firearm preemption statute.  The state preemption statute, which passed in 1983, helps keep firearm and ammunition laws consistent throughout Washington by establishing that the State Legislature has full authority to regulate and create laws pertaining to firearms and ammunition.  These statutes help prevent a confusing patchwork of gun control laws which make it difficult for gun owners to ensure that they are following the law.  Further, Second Amendment rights are guaranteed to all citizens, regardless of where they reside.  State preemption statutes help protect against the infringement of rights of citizens who live in localities controlled by anti-gun elected officials.


Lyle Coyle

State Coordinator

ABATE of Washington



"Added Note: If these Bills are not presented to the citizens of the State of Washington for  VOTE  and are adopted by the legislature in this form, they do represent "Totalitarian Enactments". "











letter head jpg                                     

TO:  ABATE of Washington members.  January 11, 2018

FROM: Legislative Affairs Officer - ABATE of Washington




This is to keep the membership up to date on the happenings in Olympia with the bills authorized by the BOD of ABATE.  Things are moving fast, and details are still coming together, but here is what is known so far:


1.)   HB 2454 (Vehicular Assault Bill AKA "Leprechaun Cain" Bill) is going to have a hearing.  Date & time to be confirmed by Jan. 17th, in the House Public Safety Committee.  The Chairman of the Committee told me personally that he wants to not only hold a hearing but to move the bill on!  


2.)  ABATE is in the process of finding a prime sponsor in the Senate for a companion bill to HB2454...Prospects are looking good and we should have more info by Black Thursday.


3.)  I was told this evening by phone that SB6070 (motorcycle parking) will be getting a hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee.  Date & Time To Be Determined.


4.) Rep. Irwin dropped the House companion bill to SB6070 today.  The Chair of the House Transportation Committee (Rep. Judy Clibborn, is supportive of the bill) so it should get a hearing as well.


All of our bills have to be out of Committee by February 2nd, or they are dead.  So getting a hearing ASAP is vital. Things seem to be coming together quickly, and more should be known by Black Thursday.  An announcement will be made with the most up to date information on the steps at Black Thursday before the several Legislators begin to speak at 10:45.


For those interested in attending, there will be a training seminar at the Governor Hotel at 6:00 PM. (a brief social/visit session at 5:30).  Training will be on the bill process, and how to meet with a Legislator.  As well as other related topics.


I look forward to see as many ABATE members in attendance at Black Thursday as possible.  Membership speaking with their Legislators is key to our success.


Ride Free 


Brian Lange

Legislative Affairs Officer

ABATE of Washington

















letter head jpg                                     

TO:  ABATE of Washington members.  January 7, 2018

FROM: Legislative Affairs Officer - ABATE of Washington



Please, your help is URGENTLY needed!

 ABATE members only have (at this moment) appointments with 27 out of 147 legislators.  And most of those have been made by only 7 people or chapters.  Come on, make your appointments and email the times to me at legislative1@abate-wa.org so we can get them on the list and know who is and isn't covered.

 ABATE is a legislative organization, put as much effort into the "charity" of our own Freedom as you would setting up a poker run.

 Brian Lange

Legislative Affairs Officer

ABATE of Washington




ABATE of Washington, Communications Officer, ABATE of Washington, PO Box 8369, Tacoma, WA 98419-0369

Sent by com1@abate-wa.org in collaboration with



letter head jpg                                     

LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!         March 16,  2017


TO:  All Members of ABATE of Washington and Associates








This is a simple concept, and one everyone can take part in.  Starting at 9:00 AM on Friday March 17th, and continuing until 1:00 PM, call Rep. Clibborn's office and email her. 


<judy.clibborn@leg.wa.gov>      360 786-7926



With each call and email simply leave the message; "I request a hearing on 5378."  You don't have to say anymore, or any less.  Let's overwhelm her office phone, and email with requests for a hearing on 5378 during that 4 hour period.  That will get the message across.  Everyone from across the state should be able to make a phone call, and send an email.  Let the motorcyclists in the state demonstrate our will, and let her know how much we want this hearing.  Just by using that one simple sentence; "I request a hearing on 5378" we can put pressure on the committee chair.  Then on Friday we will continue the pressure with the protest at the Capitol.

All it will take is the one sentence; "I request a hearing on 5378."



Thanks, and let's get this done!!  Copy to all your rider Friends!!


Refer Questions and Comments to:  <legislative1@abate-wa.org>


Brian Lange

Legislative Affairs Officer

ABATE of Washington 




letter head jpg                                     

LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!         March 15,  2017


TO:  All Members of ABATE of Washington and Associates








With House Transportation Committee Chair, Rep. Judy Clibborn refusing to hold a hearing on SSB5378 (the Lane Sharing Bill), and with ABATE leadership approval, I am calling for a peaceful protest demonstration at the sundial between the John A Cherberg and John L O'Brien buildings behind the Capitol on Friday, March 17th at 11:00 AM. This will put us directly below Rep. Clibborn's office.  


Feel free to bring hand held signs that read something to the effect of; "GIVE 5378 A HEARING", "FREE 5378", "LANE SHARING RELIEVES CONGESTION", "WSP SHOULDN'T CONTROL LEGISLATION", etc.  


Be creative, but not rude if you make a protest sign.  You get the idea...whether they are just paper and felt pen signs, that is fine.

The goal is to fill that area with bikers below her office, make a few speeches, and get our message across that we are simply asking for 5378 to be heard in a public hearing.  With only a quarter of the bills dropped in the Senate making it to the House, and no real opposition appearing among the committee members, we are stating our desire that the Chair hold a public hearing on SSB5378 asap.



Thanks, and let's get this done!!  Copy to all your rider Friends!!


Refer Questions and Comments to:  <legislative1@abate-wa.org>


Brian Lange

Legislative Affairs Officer

ABATE of Washington



letter head jpg                                     

LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!         Feb 25,  2017

LANE SHARING - Senate Bill 5378

TO:  All Members of ABATE of Washington and Associates




Senate Bill 5378 (The Lane Sharing Bill) has progressed and is on the Floor Calendar in the Senate.  


That means that the bill is up for debate and a vote on the Senate Floor.  


Contact your Senator's office and ask that they support and vote to pass SB5378.  


Let's flood them with emails and phone calls requesting they vote to pass 5378 out of the Senate.  Let's get this bill moved passed the Senate and into the House.


By now, everyone should at least know what district they live in.  If not, here is the link to the legislatures "Find Your District" web page.   <http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder>  Then use the information to send an email or make the phone call to your Senator, and tell them you wish them to support and vote for SB5378.


Thanks, and let's get this done!!  Copy to all your rider Friends!!



Brian Lange

Legislative Affairs Officer

ABATE of Washington


Refer Questions and Comments to <legislative1@abate-wa.org>




Communications Note:  

If you ever have problems using Internal Hot Links; simply copy the link and paste into your web browser search bar.






TO: All ABATE of Washington Members and Associates

letter head jpg                                     
LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!         Feb 18,  2017
TO:  All Members of ABATE of Washington and Associates

Substitute House Bill 1804 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee for further review instead of to the House Rules Committee after it passed out of the House Business & Financial Services Committee. We need to strike back hard and fast to put pressure on the legislature to pass SHB 1804 on to the House Rules Committee ASAP.  We only have until the 24th to get it out of committee, and someone in the legislature has decided our bill has to go through an additional committee.
Substitute House Bill 1804 was passed OUT OF the Business & Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, February 15th. Today, (2/17/2017)  it was referred to the TRANSPORTATION Committee for consideration. NOT to the Rules Committee as is normally the case.
Contact your legislators IMMEDIATELY and ask why this bill must pass through additional committee review prior to being referred to the House Rules Committee.
This would seem to be an intentional tactic to delay this bill beyond the cut-off date of February 24th to pass out of its original committee!
We must not allow those who oppose us to steal our rights away in some form of power play. Contact your House Representative ASAP!
Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington

Refer Questions and Comments to <legislative1@abate-wa.org>
ABATE of Washington, Communications Officer, ABATE of Washington, PO Box 8369, Tacoma, WA 98419-0369
Sent by com1@abate-wa.org in collaboration with
Constant Contact



letter head jpg

 LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!         Feb 7,  2017

 TO:  All Members of ABATE of Washington and Associates


 Our helmet bill in the Senate received a "do pass" vote and was referred
 to the Rules Committee dependent on signatures.  


 Again this year, the necessary signatures were not there.  


 Luckily, we have another hearing on a helmet bill in the House, 


 HB1804.  This hearing will be in the Business & Financial Institutions
 Committee at 8:00 AM in the John L. O'Brien Bldg at the Capitol.




 This is a Call To Action to come and fill the hearing room
  and show support  for a helmet bill in the House of Representatives.
  The hearing is in the Business & Financial Institutions Committee
  (the insurance committee) on a bill virtually identical to SB5156 in the Senate.

 We really need to fill this hearing room with supporters.
  The hearing is on February 14th, at 8:00 AM
  in the John L. O'Brien Bldg. of the Capitol.

  HB1804 is our first helmet bill hearing in the House.
  Be there, and be part of history in the making.
  Due to the early hour of the hearing,
  do not let the probable cold temperatures affect you.
  If you don't ride down, cage it, bus it, just be there if you are at all able.


 We have not had a helmet bill get a hearing in the House since before 1990.
 This is when the helmet law was enacted.

  Be there, and be a part of history.


 Brian Lange

 Legislative Affairs Officer

 ABATE of Washington


 Refer Questions and Comments to <legislative1@abate-wa.org




letter head jpg

 Call to Action-Request a Public Hearing for HB 1553
 US Defenders /COIR-WA 
 Important message from: 
 Lyle Coyle - State Coordinator - ABATE of Washington            

February 6, 2017
 It is time for US Defenders and COIR, in concert with ABATE of Washington
 members and all Motorcyclists to act.

 HB 1553 is the most important piece of Legislation we have ever attempted to pass.

 HB 1553 is an ACT relating to; including, displaying or wearing motorcycle related
 or motorcycle-club related paraphernalia as a factor in profiling discrimination;
 and amending RCW 49.60.030. 

 1. Call and Request a Hearing:

2. The Problem; 
 -  Motorcycle discrimination goes beyond just roadside stops and includes the
 upward trend of motorcyclists fitting an inaccurate stereotype
 being denied access to public accommodations and public events.
  In many cases, cities and municipalities are behind these exclusions.

- Although the law pased in 2011 has reduced motorcycle profiling stops, they have
 not been eliminated.  The current law does not contain an explicit
prohibition or a
 relief provision.

 3. This Law Would Solve These Issues:
 - Prohibit discrimination against those in public accommodations
 and employment.
 - Expand the definition of profiling to include denying access to
 public accommodation as defined by state law
and  expands this protection
 to all groups identified in the Washington civil rights statute.

 - Explicitly prohibits profiling going beyond current training








CALLS TO ACTION & Alerts !!!

letter head jpg                                     
LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION!!!                January 31, 2017
This CTA is an attempt to put pressure on Rep. Clibborn in the House
 to hold a hearing, and get the helmet bill out of the committee before
 the cut-off date of Feb. 24th.
We have just had hearings on our bills in the Senate, and the process is in motion.  HOWEVER, it is a different story in the House.  We need to have our bills out of committee in the House by Feb. 24th or they are DONE FOR THE YEAR.

  That means all of our efforts in the Senate will eventually be stopped by
 ONE PERSON'S DECISION not to hold an open hearing on our bills.
  Will you allow one person to control our ability to exercise our Rights?
 If you say no, than contact your legislator and fervently request they ask
 Representative Clibborn to hold a hearing on HB1157 and HB1803.
To prevent that from happening, we must reach out and put pressure on the House
 Transportation Committee Chair to hold a hearing on our bills.

  I am asking each and every one of you to contact your legislative representative, by
 phone AND by email demanding they ask Representative Clibborn hold a hearing on
 HB1157 (the lane sharing safety act) and HB1803 (the helmet bill).  We need
 EVERYONE to take part in this effort, and let the weight of the motorcycling
 community of Washington State be felt in Olympia.  Do not just sit back and allow the
 Committee Chair to ignore the demands of our community because she does not
 support them.  I ask you to put pressure on your legislators to put pressure on the
 Committee Chair to hold a hearing.  Contact them by phone and email.
Contact your Representatives, no matter what district you live in.  Or whether they are Democrat or Republican...it doesn't matter.  What does matter is contacting them and letting our demand for a hearing be heard.  
. ESPECIALLY if you live in ANY of the following districts,
 one of your Representatives is on the House Transportation Committee,
 it is imperative that you contact your legislators demanding a public hearing
 on HB1157 and HB1803.

  Let's not be ignored by the House Transportation Chair any longer.
House Transportation Committee Members
  1st Dist.  Rep. Kloba
  3rd Dist. Rep. Riccelli
  4th Dist. Rep. Shea
  5th Dist. Rep. Rodne
10th Dist. Rep. Hayes
18th Dist. Rep. Pike
20th Dist. Rep. Orcutt
21st Dist. Rep. Ortiz-Self
24th Dist. Rep. Chapman
25th Dist. Rep. Stambaugh
26th Dist. Rep. Young
27th Dist. Rep. Fey
30th Dist. Rep. Pelliciotti
31st Dist. Rep. Irwin
33rd Dist. Rep. Gregerson
36th Dist. Rep. Tarleton
40th Dist. Rep. Morris
41st Dist. Rep. Clibborn
42nd Dist. Rep. Van Werven
44th Dist. Rep. Harmsworth
44th Dist. Rep Lovick
46th Dist Rep. Farrell
47th Dist. Rep. Hargrove
48th Dist. Rep. McBride
49th Dist. Rep. Wylie
Without our combined efforts, everything we have accomplished in the
 Senate will have been for nothing.  As a community, we need to put pressure
 on the Chair of the House Transportation Committee to hold a hearing on
 these bills ASAP.  
Let's crash their email servers by filling them with requests.

  We've done it before, let's do it again.  Make our point heard!!
Thank you for your support, and let's RIDE FREE!!
Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington



letter head jpg                                     
January 25, 2017

     TO: All ABATE of Washington Members and Associates.

Legislative Call To Action !
This is a Call To Action on Senate Bill 5156, the helmet bill with liability requirement.  

Calling all able bodied members and supporters of Freedom of Choice!!  ABATE's helmet bill in the Senate is being heard on January 30th, at 3:30 PM in the John A. Cherberg Building.  This is the Helmet Bill that would allow anyone over 18 to be able to ride without a helmet as long as they had liability insurance meeting the state minimum.  Just like for your car.  The same coverage liability, not medical, or PIP.  Let's fill the hearing room!  It should be hearing room 1 but that may change.  The key points once again are that it will on January 30th, at 3:30 PM in the John A Cherberg building.  Ride Free! Let's get this done!!

Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington

Use this link if you need to review the Bill:



letter head jpg                                     

 TO: All ABATE of Washington Members and Associates
I wanted to give everyone an update on our accomplishments for this 2016 session in the legislature.  ABATE was running four active bills this session; two in the House, and two in the Senate.                     As of Feb. 5th, three of those bills died in Committee.  Only ESSB5623 is technically still alive.  However, it has been amended in the Senate to actually be more dangerous, and difficult to execute in traffic that it was decided to just let it die rather than try to "fix" all the problems with it.
That being said; even though we didn't get a hearing or a bill passed into law, ABATE still had a good session in 2016.  We had success by:
1.     Running four active bills in the legislature.
2.     Having one bill pass from the Senate Rules Committee, and then get a successful vote on the Senate Floor sending it on to the House.
3.     Having legislators and their aides state they knew we were coming by listening to our ABATE commercials on the radio.
4.     Educating several members of the House on the difference between "Lane Splitting" and "Lane Filtering/Sharing".
5.     Having ten Legislators attend our ABATE meet & greet after Black Thursday.
6.     ABATE being able to get bi-partisan legislative speakers on the steps on Black Thursday.
This is an election year, so support the candidates that support our rights.  Put their signs in your yards, volunteer for them, and make an effort for them to get to know you.  The majority in the House is extremely narrow, and only a few seats changing hands could swing the balance over.  That would mean a complete reshuffle of the power structure, including the Committee Chairs in the House.  So keep up the pressure, and we will make a change in the legislature we will deal with next year.
Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington




letter head jpg                                     

 TO: All ABATE of Washington Members and Associates
Here is an URGENT CTA coming down from US Defenders.  Please send this out asap to all members!!
Thanks, Brian
It's time to get serious folks we really need your help.  This is a Call To Action for everyone to contact (email or call) their Senator and ask them to "Pink Slip" (sign onto) SB6624 - Addressing Profiling in places of public accommodation.
Next, do the same thing with your Representatives and ask them to "Pink Slip" HB2950 - Addressing profiling in places of public accommodation.
The bills will be available for sponsorship until Monday Jan 28th so we need to act now!
There will be a follow up call to action that will be specific to the committee(s) that the bills are assigned to in the near future.
These bills are presented by the Washington Council of Clubs and the Motorcycle Profiling Project and are supported by A.B.A.T.E and other MRO's and represent our ongoing mission to proactively work with our legislators to end motorcycle profiling on all levels of the public sector.
PLEASE ACT NOW AND GET YOUR PEOPLE INVOLVED.  The motorcycle rights movement in Washington State is on it way to making history again and as we learned from our previous success it takes everyone's participation.
You can find you legislators easily by following this link http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/ .  Enter your address and it will pull up the legislators for your district.  Simply click on your senator or representatives name and it will bring up their contact information.
Thank you very much for your prompt attention and assistance.
Lt. Commander, U.S. Defenders WA

Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington





letter head jpg                                     

 TO: All ABATE of Washington Members and Associates
Now is the time to put pressure on the House to hold a hearing.  We have until February 5th to get a hearing on HB1515, our lane filtering bill.  The Senate version would restrict us to using the left shoulder between the fog line and the jersey barrier (where all the debris and rumble strips are).  The House bill still holds the original language, and isn't all tweaked up like the Senate version is.  So here is what I am asking every member to do:  Email your House Representative ASAP and ask them to request a hearing on HB1515 from the Chair of the House Transportation Committee.  
Especially if they are one of the following legislators (who are on the House Transportation Committee):
41st District  Judy Clibborn      (Committee Chair)
46th District  Jessyn Farrell     (Committee Vice Chair)  
27th District  Jake Fey            (Committee Vice Chair)  
1st   District  Luis Moscoso      (Committee Vice Chair)
20th District  Ed Orcutt           (Ranking Minority Member)
47th District  Mark Hargorve     (Asst. Ranking Minority Member)
44th District  Mark Harmsworth (Asst. Ranking Minority Member)
11th District  Steve Bergquist   (Deputy Majority Floor Leader)
33rd District  Mia Gregerson
10th District  Dave Hayes         (Asst. Minority Whip)
30th District  Teri Hickel
30th District  Linda Kochmar
48th District  Joan McBride       (Asst Majority Whip)
49th District  Jim Moeller          (Speaker Pro-Tem)
40th District  Jeff Morris
21st District  Lillian Ortiz-Self
18th District  Liz Pike
3rd District   Marcus Riccelli     (Deputy Minority Whip)
5th District   Jay Rodne
19th District  JD Rossetti
38th District  Mike Sells
4th District   Matt Shea          (Asst Minority Floor Leader)
25th District  Melanie Stambaugh
36th District Gael Tarleton      (Majority Floor Leader)
26th District  Jesse Young 
We have until February 5th to get our bill out of the Committee.  So we are under pressure, as that gives us one week.  Now is the time to put pressure on the House to hold a hearing!!  Contact your House Representative (especially if they are on the above list) and request they contact the House Transportation Chair to request a hearing on HB1515.  If we can put enough pressure on quickly, we MAY be able to get a hearing on our bill.
If you do not know what district you live in, or who your Representatives are, follow this link to the "find your district page on the legislatures website:     http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/   
Our only other current option is to wait for the Senate version to come back to the House, and have the language amended.  That would be the hardest route.  Let's try the House first, and if that doesn't work, we will do what we can with the Senate version.  Either way, it seems our hopes for an amended helmet bill are dead until next year.  So let's grab the last brass ring available to us, and get some movement on our lane filtering bill.
Thanks for all your support and effort. The battle for "rights" goes on!
Brian Lange
Legislative Affairs Officer
ABATE of Washington



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13NR02 - MRF News Release - Definition of a Motorcycle
16 January 2013
Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations
and Public Affairs
 Definition of a Motorcycle
 What is a motorcycle anyway?
 We all know what a motorcycle is, ; question is do we know what is not a motorcycle?
 I am not trying to intentionally confuse you, this is a serious question. Look around and you
 will see many two, three and sometime even four wheeled vehicles all carrying a motorcycle
 license plate that vaguely resemble a motorcycle
 The motorcycle vehicle category has become a catch all for misfit vehicles that are not
 traditional cars. This has led the Federal government to refine what a motorcycle is when it
 comes to accident reporting. The definition in the past has been as loose as "a vehicle with
 two or three wheels in contact with the ground that is designed to carry one or two
  The problem with that definition is that it makes no mention of enclosures, riding position
 over seated position, seat belts, and other add-ons that may fit the definition, but is clearly
 not a motorcycle. In and around Washington DC I have personally noticed vehicles that bear
 a motorcycle license plate that have a full enclosure, windshield wipers, bench seating, seat
 belts, doors and windows.
  I realize that we are not talking about a great number of vehicles here but it's important to
 delineate these vehicles as something other than a motorcycle. Why? Because the
 motorcycle fatality column on safety reports do not need any additional numbers.
 We need to make sure that these vehicles remain separate from the motorcycle category.
 The Federal definition did improve upon the old definition but falls short in some ways.
 They created new categories that include break out groups for mopeds, Segways, scooters,
 motorcycles and motorcycles with enclosures. This gives the States a little more structure
 when defining two and three wheeled vehicles. But in my opinion anytime a three wheeled
 vehicle has doors, windows, and a steering wheel, it's definitely not a motorcycle anymore.
 Picture those European and Asian delivery trucks that have one wheel up front and two in
 the rear. Under the Feds standards those could be considered a motorcycle-with enclosure.
 We still have some work to do.
  Sign the Petition!
  A White House petition to ban motorcycle only road side checkpoints has been
 created. The petition asks the White House to end the funding of the roadside
 checkpoints. You may be aware that President Obama began his "We The People"
 initiative back in September of 2011. The idea is that anyone can submit a petition to
 the White House and if that petition gets more than 25,000 signatures on the website
 within 30 days the White House will take an official look at the idea and give it an
 "official response".
  Nothing more is promised than a response. Even if the petition gets 1,000,000 signers, it is
 still a non binding system. The "We The People" has been used for some serious items such
 as this, but has also been used to mock some ideas. One such petition asked the White
 House to build a "Death Star", Darth Vader's weapon of mass destruction in the Star Wars
 movies. The response from the White House on that one? Not gonna happen.
 But this is a serious issue. So take a minute to voice your opinion on the checkpoints by
 signing this position. The deadline is February 7, 2013.

Legislative Action Committee of Washington


Sent in By: Bill Lang. LAC Washington

For those of you in the 41st District, which includes much of Renton City, Mercer Island and Bellevue, there is a primary election coming up in July, Judy Clibborn ( prefers Democratic party) is running against Alex O'Niel ( prefers no party) Judy Clibborn has been our biggest obstacle gaining legislation to regain our freedom of choice regarding the helmet repeal bill. Even though it was passed by the house and senate, she will not let it get past the transportation committee. LAC ( Legislative Action Committee) is hoping that residents of the 41st district will vote for Alex O/Niel, so motorcyclists can have a chance in the next 2015 legislative session to get the helmet repeal passed! Please share this information , if this is important to you. We are just trying to gain FREEDOM of CHOICE. Thank you for your time and attention.

Posted by: Dragoni



letter head jpg                                   

Thank You For Your Support

Attention ....... Anyone willing to work with me on building a new
ABATE of Washington Chapter in , Washington.

Give me a Phone call: 253-301-7727
dragoni@bfbus.com or use Facebook.com
"Dragoni" Dutch Phillips
 ABATE of Washington
 State Ambassador at large


State Ambassador at Large

Served 2 terms of Office As:
West Side Deputy Coordinator


ABATE OF WA News Letter Now Online Click Here



 letter head jpg                                     

 7/27/2015 Washington Motorcycle Riders Alert !!!

TO:  All Member's - ABATE of Washington  

FROM: Brian Lange - LAO


Washington State Patrol (WSP)- Plans To STOP Motorcyclists in KING, PIERCE
 and SNOHOMISH Counties.  July 31 thru August 16.


This ALERT affects those who may be riding in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties
 between July 31st & Aug. 16th. But it is something we should all be aware of.


WSP, and other law enforcement agencies
will be conducting stops to inspect for "illegal violations on and around motorcycles".
  Be prepared to be stopped during this time to have your bike "inspected"
if you should happen to ride through these three counties during this period.



This is due to the state trying to reach their unattainable "Target Zero" goal
of zero accidental highway deaths by 2030. 
 Here is a link to a press release about the enforcement program.




This is, to me, another form of "unequal protection"
 as we don't have automobiles being subjected to random safety checks.
  Even though their fatality rate is much higher in real numbers than motorcyclists.




Brian Lange

ABATE of Washington

Legislative Affairs Officer



 letter head jpg                                     


Call to Action - Legislative                       5/24/2015


TO:  All Member's - ABATE of Washington  

From: Lucky Les
Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2015 8:06 PM
Subject: Urgent Call to Action
Click this link and let's get busy...http://txcocinews.org/cta-waco-tragedy.html
I would suggest making phone calls starting on Tuesday as no Government offices will be open on Monday.
BUT...you can start in e-mailing and faxing immediately.
The COC itself and our very way of life is under attack, innocent people have been slaughtered by the police, and many more innocent people have been locked up. Do not take this lightly, if ever there was a call to action that you need to get to work on....this is it!!

Lucky Les
Lt. Commander
US Defenders








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