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What is (BFB)

My partners & I of (BFB) have been called Bikers or Scooter Trash for a lot of years.
I remember many times in the past when my Wife and I would be riding our Motorcycle.
 Sometimes as we pulled into a Bar, Restaurant or a Hotel they would close the curtains
and hang a Closed sign in the Window or a No Vacancy sign would light up.
If we did manage to get in the door of some of these places with our leathers on,
We might sit in the Back Area next to the Kitchen for 30 min. waiting for service.
Many times in past I was well known for calling for the manager and asking
Why were we being ignored.
Most of the time the Manager would say we are just Busy.
But sometimes you could see it in there eyes,
 "They did not want us at there Place of Business!"

This was the main reason for building & publishing the (BFB) Web Site.
We wanted a place to list and promote a group of real Biker Friendly Bars & more.
That a Motorcycle rider could feel comfortable at and be treated with respect.

But we do not list Biker Friendly Bars on (BFB) so you can find a good place to get drunk
and ride off on your Bike. Always use good judgment when riding a motorcycle.

It's Not the Sled, "It's the Head!"
  Dragoni of (BFB)


Thank You For Your Support

Attention ....... Anyone willing to work with me on building a new
 ABATE of Washington Chapter in , Washington.

Give me a Phone call: 253-301-7727
dragoni@bfbus.com or use Facebook.com
"Dragoni" Dutch Phillips
 ABATE of Washington State
 Ambassador at large


State Ambassador at Large

Served 2 terms of Office As:
West Side Deputy Coordinator

The Editor: Dragoni

Recommended "Biker Friendly Bars & More" to Go to. 

And Places we do Not Recommend By BFB

All the places that we will ask to list on BFB have always provided us
with Good Food and or Drinks and Good service with a smile.

 All of the Places that we list in the Do Not Recommend Area
have either provided us or a customer with poor service or cheap products
 and or over pricing to the customers or just do not like Bikers.


More States Coming Soon, Check Back.

If we have had good Food and or Drinks with good Service, from someone.
Soon we will ask them to be listed on the (BFB) Network of websites.

"If you want to join the (BFB) Network!"
Send us you Information and pictures of your place!
To: info@enw.net
Ad rates may vary in price!
You will be contacted by a (BFB) Representative

Any questions give us a call: 253-301-7727!" Dragoni

You can now Pay for your Annual Renewal
 of your Listing/s with Paypal

Also keep checking our Places not recommended by BFB
 Due to poor service or cheap products and or over pricing to the customers.




Select the State, then the City or Town to Find Bars & More

AL - Montgomery, Alabama Alabama
AK - Juneau, Alaska Alaska
AZ - Phoenix, Arizona Arizona
AR - Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas
CA - Sacramento, California California
CO - Denver, Colorado Colorado
CT - Hartford, Connecticut Connecticut
DE - Dover, Delaware Delaware
FL - Tallahassee, Florida Florida
GA - Atlanta, Georgia Georgia
HI - Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii
ID - Boise, Idaho Idaho
IL - Springfield, Illinois Illinois
IN - Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana
IA - Des Moines, Iowa Iowa
KS - Topeka, Kansas Kansas
KY - Frankfort, Kentucky Kentucky
LA - Baton Rouge, Louisiana Louisiana
ME - Augusta, Maine Maine
MD - Annapolis, Maryland Maryland
MA - Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts
MI - Lansing, Michigan Michigan
MN - St. Paul, Minnesota Minnesota
MS - Jackson, Mississippi Mississippi
MO - Jefferson City, Missouri Missouri

MT - Helena, Montana Montana
NE - Lincoln, Nebraska Nebraska
NV - Carson City, Nevada Nevada
NH - Concord, New Hampshire New Hampshire
NJ - Trenton, New Jersey New Jersey
NM - Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico
NY - Albany, New York New York
NC - Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina
ND - Bismarck, North Dakota North Dakota
OH - Columbus, Ohio Ohio
OK - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma
OR - Salem, Oregon Oregon
PA - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

RI - Providence, Rhode Island Rhode Island
SC - Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina
SD - Pierre, South Dakota South Dakota
TN - Nashville, Tennessee Tatooine
TN - Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee
TX - Austin, Texas Texas
UT - Salt Lake City, Utah Utah
VT - Montpelier, Vermont Vermont
VA - Richmond, Virginia Virginia
WA - Olympia, Washington Washington
WV - Charleston, West Virginia West Virginia
WI - Madison, Wisconsin Wisconsin
WY - Cheyenne, Wyoming Wyoming




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Motorcycle Safety Course
 Questions for Review



Strong Supporter Of ABATE of Washington


MRF Current Information and Alerts!
Motorcycle Riders Foundation

MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 510 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) | http://www.mrf.org
13NR02 - MRF News Release - Definition of a Motorcycle
16 January 2013
Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations
and Public Affairs
 Definition of a Motorcycle
 What is a motorcycle anyway?
 We all know what a motorcycle is, ; question is do we know what is not a motorcycle?
 I am not trying to intentionally confuse you, this is a serious question. Look around and you
 will see many two, three and sometime even four wheeled vehicles all carrying a motorcycle
 license plate that vaguely resemble a motorcycle
 The motorcycle vehicle category has become a catch all for misfit vehicles that are not
 traditional cars. This has led the Federal government to refine what a motorcycle is when it
 comes to accident reporting. The definition in the past has been as loose as "a vehicle with
 two or three wheels in contact with the ground that is designed to carry one or two
  The problem with that definition is that it makes no mention of enclosures, riding position
 over seated position, seat belts, and other add-ons that may fit the definition, but is clearly
 not a motorcycle. In and around Washington DC I have personally noticed vehicles that bear
 a motorcycle license plate that have a full enclosure, windshield wipers, bench seating, seat
 belts, doors and windows.
  I realize that we are not talking about a great number of vehicles here but it's important to
 delineate these vehicles as something other than a motorcycle. Why? Because the
 motorcycle fatality column on safety reports do not need any additional numbers.
 We need to make sure that these vehicles remain separate from the motorcycle category.
 The Federal definition did improve upon the old definition but falls short in some ways.
 They created new categories that include break out groups for mopeds, Segways, scooters,
 motorcycles and motorcycles with enclosures. This gives the States a little more structure
 when defining two and three wheeled vehicles. But in my opinion anytime a three wheeled
 vehicle has doors, windows, and a steering wheel, it's definitely not a motorcycle anymore.
 Picture those European and Asian delivery trucks that have one wheel up front and two in
 the rear. Under the Feds standards those could be considered a motorcycle-with enclosure.
 We still have some work to do.
  Sign the Petition!
  A White House petition to ban motorcycle only road side checkpoints has been
 created. The petition asks the White House to end the funding of the roadside
 checkpoints. You may be aware that President Obama began his "We The People"
 initiative back in September of 2011. The idea is that anyone can submit a petition to
 the White House and if that petition gets more than 25,000 signatures on the website
 within 30 days the White House will take an official look at the idea and give it an
 "official response".
  Nothing more is promised than a response. Even if the petition gets 1,000,000 signers, it is
 still a non binding system. The "We The People" has been used for some serious items such
 as this, but has also been used to mock some ideas. One such petition asked the White
 House to build a "Death Star", Darth Vader's weapon of mass destruction in the Star Wars
 movies. The response from the White House on that one? Not gonna happen.
 But this is a serious issue. So take a minute to voice your opinion on the checkpoints by
 signing this position. The deadline is February 7, 2013.

Legislative Action Committee of Washington


Sent in By: Bill Lang. LAC Washington

For those of you in the 41st District, which includes much of Renton City, Mercer Island and Bellevue, there is a primary election coming up in July, Judy Clibborn ( prefers Democratic party) is running against Alex O'Niel ( prefers no party) Judy Clibborn has been our biggest obstacle gaining legislation to regain our freedom of choice regarding the helmet repeal bill. Even though it was passed by the house and senate, she will not let it get past the transportation committee. LAC ( Legislative Action Committee) is hoping that residents of the 41st district will vote for Alex O/Niel, so motorcyclists can have a chance in the next 2015 legislative session to get the helmet repeal passed! Please share this information , if this is important to you. We are just trying to gain FREEDOM of CHOICE. Thank you for your time and attention.

Posted by: Dragoni






Michael E. Campbell 1:35pm Jan 18
We dropped the helmet Bill this morning and we have been issued Bill numbers this afternoon. Please share with all members and also check the list of Sponsors and have Legislators not signed on yet to sign on. They can sign on electronically when you provide them the Bill number.

SB 5143: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5143&year=2013


HB 1246: apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5143&year=2013

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“Give Support, Where Support is Given!”

Always Look for The (BFB) Logo

Let the (BFB) Logo Be your Guide
 To find Real Biker Friendly Bars and more.
That Treat You With Respect!



All of the Places listed on this Site are 100% Biker Friendly.
The Only way a place can get Listed on this Website
 is by supporting our functions, events and parties
 with Fair, reasonable prices, good Food or Drinks
 and good Service with a smile.

All of the Ads you see that Have the
ABATE of WA Logo and The Share the Road Logo,
Are also Members, in Good Standing of ABATE of WA

The Bar owner or Bar Manager must be an ABATE of WA
Member in Good Standing to List the
 ABATE of WA Logo
or The Share The Road Logo
on Their ad or their Website.


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The D.R.F. Patch


The Down Rider Foundation is made up of motorcyclists and enthusiasts just like you, who embrace the thrill of the road – and who responsibly accept the risks inherent in riding. These enthusiasts have formed a non-profit organization dedicated to helping injured motorcycle riders through the short-term financial stress that often accompanies an injury accident.

We provide prompt short-term financial assistance to motorcycle riders who have been injured while riding, through no fault of their own, so that they can keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and have basic transportation to get to the doctor until they can get back on their feet.



Pocono Mountain Leather
Pocono Mountain Leather Company



 is the manufacturer
 of  the over-sized saddlebags.
that can accommodate a:

7 Liter fridge/Warmer.
Personal size 7 Liter Fridge/Warmer
(Cooler/Warmer) 12Volt DC
Thermoelectric operation.




To go to there EBay Store: Click Here
Custom fiberglass Extra wide Saddlebags for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
  Direct fit to factory lower support and upper pin locations.
  Works on all Touring model HD's with Road King or Street glide style bag guards.
 Will not fit in Ultra Classic wrap-around style guards
 unless you remove the surrounds.
  Removable lids & designed to accommodate
7 Liter 12V fridge/Warmer.

 These Hard bags will mount on nearly any OEM Harley touring bike.
  Evo, Twin Cam, 88", 96", 103" & 110" Twin Cam bikes.

  Ditch the drag from your inefficient tour pack on long rides and tote
 all you need and more in these fat sacks!
 Your bags will come
Primered as pictured.
  Email me with any questions.
Contact us: enigma.saddlebag@gmail.com

Thank you..  please contact me for shipping information.
See chart  for fitting bags to your bike:

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